June 30, 2022

Bagged 8th Gen Maxima

It’s Spring time and we’re out of hibernation! If you follow our YouTube channel, you may have seen some of our winter projects.  This project went from a brand new stock Maxima to the SEMA – ready ride you see below.  At the time this build took place, this was the only 8’th gen Maxima to be fitted with a fully bagged air-strut system.  This car rides on Air-Force air struts and bags run by Air Lift management.  The Air-Force Air-strut system allows for maximum slammage and allows you to actually lay frame on the ground if your wheels and suspension allow.


Check out the install video below:


Early in the build, the Max was briefly fitted with 4 REAR Nissan GTR wheels, Square fitment, YES it can be done.

17361529_579154822280714_7632112818715459051_n 17362536_579154825614047_592498971975274262_n

Later the Max was fitted with Ferrada FR-2 wheels, Stillen Front and rear lip, GTR exhaust, and a custom Premium Fuel Mag front splitter, because every show car needs maximum down force!

srg_9301_33503833413_o srg_9317_33503833323_o

There’s more changes to come, Keep an eye on our social media for updates!



srg_9313_33472144934_o srg_9309_33472145004_o srg_9292_33472145074_o



srg_9246_34272999716_o srg_9269_33472145134_o srg_9262_33472145214_o

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