April 30, 2017
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    Bagged 8th Gen Maxima

    It’s Spring time and we’re out of hibernation! If you follow our YouTube channel, you may have seen some of our winter projects.  This project went from a brand new stock Maxima to the SEMA [...]
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    2017 Washington DC Auto Show.

    Here’s a look at some of the hottest 2017 models hitting the streets this year, along with a few awesome concepts. First off, the most awesome concept was the gull winged 2018 Lincoln Navigator concept.  [...]
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    After the shoot BURNOUTS

    In keeping with the PFM tradition of how to end a photo shoot, check out some awesome donuts and v10 music from this M6 after the shoot.  
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    Fall BMW’s

    One of the perks of being a BMW enthusiast is attracting other enthusiasts.  No photo shoot was planned for this day, we all just ended up in the same place at the same time, someone [...]
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    100 Drifters of December

    100 drifter’s of December is the last drift event of the year and one of the largest.  The entire Summit Point Motorsports park opens all of its tracks for valuable legal practice time.  This event [...]
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    Project Foxbody update.

    Summer’s over and it’s time for the red fox to go under the knife.  The pretty chrome wheels are gone since we’re going to the 5 lug and independent rear end setup.  We’ll be installing [...]
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    Transforged Racing Custom front splitter

    With the custom front bumper on the 650i, It’s very difficult to find simple parts like front lips or splitters.  We came up with a design and submitted it to Transforged Racing to put our [...]
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    Corvette Track rental at MDIR

    Track rentals are the best time to see some crazy real street builds running hard.  These are the types of cars that lurk in the shadows and dominate underground street racing, and unless you know [...]
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    Wise Detailz custom headlight build

      A BMW has almost timeless styling, every model always looks current until it’s about 2 generations behind, even then, the subtle styling of a BMW remains modern and relevant, never dated.  The theme on [...]
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    Transforged Racing: Lotus Exige

    Transforged racing’s poster car is a probably the most insane Lotus Exige you will ever see.  As if the track prepped road car wasn’t light and sporty enough, this particular example has been pushed even [...]
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    Ferrari F430 runway pull

    Here’s a crappy video of a 160mph runway pull with a Ferrari F430 at PAX Navy Air Field.  Luckily, the photos came out much better than the video.  Here’s some awesome eye candy.  
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    Fuel Girls

    Fuel Girl Feature: Vikki

      Vikki is back to bring another season to a close, she was our model for Nov 2014 as well.  It’s been a great year, enjoy.   .
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    Over The Top C-5 Corvette

    At first glance, Aaron’s C5 Corvette looks clean and low key, the bright yellow paint and red anodized HRE’s do call your attention, but it’s still far from loud or obnoxious.  Upon closer inspection, you [...]
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    Car News

    Electric rally cars!

    In an exciting announcement just released this morning, Red Bull GRC will be adding  an electric class to their racing series in 2018.  Currently in the GRC series, the 2 classes are the all out [...]
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    US Drift Round 4: Dominion Raceway

    This past weekend was round 4 of us drift and the conclusion of the series for 2016.  There were some amazing cars to see at this one.  The one who stole the show was the [...]
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    Causmc Airport

    Another batch of “too good to be left on the cutting room floor”  Here are a few just car shots from our awesom airport shoot with Causmc Lifestyle and Stephanie
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    H2Oi 2016

      If you manage to survive tho OCPD police gauntlet in the Ocean City cruise week preceding this event, you may find yourself in the muddy soggy Fort Whaley Camp ground.  Get to the show [...]
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    M-Pact Fall bash

    M-Pact events always bring out the best tuned street cars and you’re guaranteed to see something that will blow your mind.  Although there were faster cars, the highlight of this event was seeing an f10 [...]
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    Supra fun

    It’s the iconic MKIV Supra , This one’s making over 500hp, great for producing some clouds.  
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    DC Import Expo 2016

      The 650i-“R” endured a treacherous ride into DC to tith the new aero arrangement hovering less than an inch from the ground.  It was quite a site teeing the slammed static cars struggle to [...]
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    DMV Custom Face Off

    We arrived early to the DMV Custom face off and there were only a hand full of cars set up for showing.  It’s easy to tell by what was already there that it was an [...]
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    Carsclusive end of Summer Car Show

      Photos from the Carclusive end of summer car show. Best in show goes to the yellow Corvette. It rolled in as only a slightly flashy yet still un assuming c5. There’s a PFM Feature [...]
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    Fuel Girls

    Fuel Girl Feature: Sarah

    Introducing Fuel Girl Sarah posing with our project Foxbody.  She’s not just a pretty face, she’s got the gasoline in her blood as well, and she showed up in her mudded monster out Jeep Wrangler [...]
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    Red Bull GRC Washington DC 2016

    The Red Bull Global Rally Cross has touched down in Washington D.C. at RFK stadium for it’s 3rd year and we’re bringing you the action.  The Red Bull Global Rally Cross consists of two classes, [...]
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    Fuel Girls

    #SoTrendy Bikini Car Wash

    #SoTrendy, A Buff and Beyond, and Impulse Automotive have teamed up to put on an amazing meet, some of the best customs and tiner cars in the DMV showed up to the Fairfax county Hooters [...]
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    Car/Bike Reviews

    BMW Drive For A Cause

      The BMW Drive for a Cause tours BMW dealerships to raise money for the USA Para Olympics.   It’s a great way to get people to come to the dealerships, test drive vehicles and [...]
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    Fuel Girls

    Summer Fuel Girl Feature pt 1: Bri

    We finished out the Fuel Girl season last year with Bri, now she’s back and the heat is cranked way up. Also check back on our Facebook page for some behind the scenes candid pix. [...]
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    M-Pact Motorsports festival 2016

    M-Pact East puts on the best track day/car show on the east coast, this year things were cut short due to weather and heavy fog, but the show still did not disappoint, all of the [...]
  • DC Exot (101)

    DC Exotics

    The DC Exotics meet is a once a month car show hosted by Lamborghini Washington in Sterling Virginia.   The lot may be small, but there’s absolutely no shortage of exotics and rare classics making [...]
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    Car/Bike Reviews

    2016 Mini Cooper S 4 door

    The latest evolution is the F55 chassis Mini Cooper Hard top 4 door.  This entire review could be summarized by saying that the new Mini is a front wheel drive BMW.  If you closed your [...]
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    US Drift series at Shenandoah Raceway

    What’s it like riding in a drift car?  Well, there’s a lot you can’t see from the video clip.  First, there’s the noise, Drift cars are gutted, so you hear everything amplified in the hallowed [...]

Fuel Girls

Fuel Girls

Fuel Girl Feature: Vikki

November 7, 2016 0

  Vikki is back to bring another season to a close, she was our model for Nov 2014 as well.  It’s been a great year, enjoy.   .

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