October 3, 2022

DC Import Expo 2016



The 650i-“R” endured a treacherous ride into DC to tith the new aero arrangement hovering less than an inch from the ground.  It was quite a site teeing the slammed static cars struggle to get over the security speed bump to enter the convention center.  The expo brought some of the best imports from all of the east coast, there were even a few west coast low riders in the mix.  Check out the PFM favorites below.

This all Carbon fiber Z was the biggest show stopper. You had to do a double take when you notice it, then you have to stare and take it all in. yes, every body panel is CF.


Twin Turmo accord
THE twin turbo Accord. As far as i know, this car is one of a kind. It also has the loudest sound system on the planet.

SRG_0442 SRG_0537

The lowrider crew put on a show coming and going!

SRG_0762 SRG_0772

A very cleanly done ILX bagged and sitting on a beautiful set of wheels.





Arriving from the ragged streets of D.C.

SRG_0341 SRG_0338 SRG_0325 SRG_0323 SRG_0320 SRG_0348 SRG_0391

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