October 3, 2022

DMV Custom Face Off


We arrived early to the DMV Custom face off and there were only a hand full of cars set up for showing.  It’s easy to tell by what was already there that it was an awesome showing later on.  The DMV Custom face off is the most diverse car show in the Dc area, you’ll see the baddest tuner imports, slammed and bagged, and the craziest turbocharged big block southern style donks.  the Slingshot crew was heavy in attendance, unfortunately the big wheeled baggers had not arrived yet.

Mercedes SEC slammed
Our bro James Williams took home the “Best Wheels” award, although it’s unclear why he didn’t get “Best Static” Maybe they thought it was aired out. Yes it’s Static, Yes it’s daily driven.
Big wheels Big body, Big pipes, (pops the hood) big motor, WOAH HUGE TURBO!!! See that giant exhaust vent over the front wheel? Yeah, this car isn’t joking around.

SRG_9193 SRG_9182 SRG_9163

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