October 3, 2022

Febuary Beauty Of The Month: Samara

PFM: So you’ve been in Hilton Head all your life, what type of things do you do for fun?
Samara: If it’s warm I’ll go to the beach or pool. I also like to go bowling, movies, and shopping!
PFM: And you’re currently in school for business? What do you want to do?
Samara: I didn’t return to school this semester but I want to be an entrepreneur. I want my own nightclub
PFM: So do you plan to liven up nightlife in Hilton Head or would you rather go somewhere else?
Samara:  I would rather be in a bigger city. There’s more opportunities elsewhere
PFM: So, cars: What excites you?
Samara:  The sound of a v8 engine but I’m in love with the Audi A7
PFM: The A7 is amazing, You’re not a fan of the 2 wheeled machines?
Sama:  I’m scared of them actually lol
PFM: Ha, well you had no fear posing on the Monster VTX 1800, you looked AMAZING by the way.
Samara:  Cuz it was parked lol but Thank You
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