March 3, 2024

H2Oi 2016



If you manage to survive tho OCPD police gauntlet in the Ocean City cruise week preceding this event, you may find yourself in the muddy soggy Fort Whaley Camp ground.  Get to the show early, or be forced to sit outside the gates in the traffic jam from hell where it can take over an hour to move forward a single mile.  Once a year, VAG (Volkswagen/Audi Group) enthusiasts from Canada and USA decend on Ocean city for the largest VAG show on the east coast.  Have no fear of rain, H2Oi takes place unconditionally, last year a hurricane flooded most of Ocean City, but these hard core VW enthusiasts wouldn’t let a little water stop the fun.

The most impressive builds were actually cars All the way from Canada, Check out the photos below.




This Second Gen VW Scirocco from Canada has had all of it’s guts and drive train replaced by the internals of an RS4, and RS6 turbos.  It’s s now AWD and making somewhere around 500hp.  Take a look at the interior, and you will see that the entire Audi insides have been swapped as well.



This mk1 GTI is also running an older AWD system and pushes nearly 600hp!
The iconic VW Beetle!


The rare VW Vanagon! These miniature RV’s can sell for $20,000 in half decent condition. CHeck our instagram for a look inside @PremiumFuelMag .
Don’t know much about this Canadian Rat Rod bug, but the widebody on it is amazing.
This Canadian built Audi TT was one of the cleanest builds at the show, Everything was shaved, inside and out.




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