June 30, 2022

MPact Motorsports Festival 2017


Last weekend M-Pact East took place at Pocono Raceway.  This huge BMW/Euro car sho is worth traveling to from wherever you are, even when bad weather threatens to cancel the whole thing.  M-Pact only occurs once a year, and you’ll have a chance to see Road racing, high powered roll racing, dryno runs,  Burnout contest ,or even ride in the drift taxi with Ben Sarli Motorsports.  There are also tons of vendors in attendance showing off the latest technology to meet your euro tuning needs.

Check out the one and only LB Z4M owned by Jay Park (Instagram @iHeartJayPark)


“Exocars”, cars stripped of all exterior body and replaced with a custom [exo skeliton] cage seem to be the upcoming trend in modding right now.  This Exo-car was built from a wrecked e46 M3.



SRG_1298 SRG_1310 SRG_1319 SRG_1337 SRG_1362 SRG_1367 SRG_1673


SRG_1363 SRG_1324 SRG_1305


SRG_1292 SRG_1369

Roll racing:




And glorious burnouts!

SRG_1644 SRG_1535 SRG_1501 SRG_1468

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