June 3, 2023

Over The Top C-5 Corvette


At first glance, Aaron’s C5 Corvette looks clean and low key, the bright yellow paint and red anodized HRE’s do call your attention, but it’s still far from loud or obnoxious.  Upon closer inspection, you take notice of the Vorsteiner carbon fiber accents.  Normally the C-5 crowd attracts a certain kind of old school hot rodder, the folks that chrome everything, but you won’t really find any chrome here.  Take a look as the over the top details un-fold.



When the scissor doors pop open the transformation begins, and you realize there’s more to this 5 than meets the eye.




Under the the suicide hood, everything plastic has been replaced by in red and black carbon fiber, the only chrome in sight is the chrome alternator.



The red black and yellow theme extends to the interior as well, the red carpet, and red and yellow leather are OEM




You’ll also notice that there are screens everywhere! One in each sun visor, one in the dash, the center console has been replaced by an iPad…. but wait there’s more…



There’s a screen in the engine bay!



Around back you get a look at the cars entertainment system, 3 10 inch Focal sub woofers and 2 amps with custom clear cases.



The amps are motorized and retract underneath the leather and a Sony Playstation emerges from below.



A 30 inch flat screen also emerges out of no where, it’s game time!





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