March 8, 2021

Premium Fuel Show Bike: V-Rod Part 1



This is the official show bike for Premium Fuel Magazine.  It’s been called “Liquid Silver” “Rolling Sex” and “Slow Harley”  Call it what you want, This V-Rod is going to turn heads wherever it shows up.

I got the bike 2 years ago in completely stock form.  Being a sport bike rider, I had to do something about the old man cruiser.  It needed to get way more aggressive.  I really wanted to go with a 300 tire kit, but with a price tag of more than the bike is worth, it just didn’t seem feasible.  After riding the 600 miles on day 1, bringing the V-rod from Maryland do South Carolina, the first thing to go was the the windshield.  There’s nothing cool about a windshield.  The next thing to go was the pull back, upright handlebars.  I installed 1.5 inch risers, drag-bar handlebars, and flipped the mirrors upside down.  I really liked the streamlined look of the V-Rod Destroyer race bike, and that’s what i went for.  With the new bars installed, the gauge cluster had no where to go, and the headlight didn’t quite flow.  To finish up the streamlined look i installed the Cult Werk headlight relocation kit.  It hides the gauge cluster nicely behind the headlight cowl, it also lowers the headlight a couple of inches for a lower profile.  Once the rear tire was toast, i upgraded to a slightly larger 200mm tire.  To put the icing on the cake, i finished up with a white accent lighting kit.  Modding ceased for a little while, the bike was just about where i wanted it, however there was a slight disaster when i was rear ended by a riding buddy at a stop light.  It was a 3 bike pile up involving a GSXR a Ducati,  and the V-Rod.  Thankfully no one was injured, everyone rode home… except me.  The V-Rod slid into the intersection when it was hit, nearly $6,000 in damages was done!  While waiting for repairs, i decided to upgrade some of the damaged parts.  New chrome hand grips, turn signal relocation kit, Harley Davidson OEM LED tail light, and my favorite of all, new paint were all on the upgrade list, along with other parts being replaced.  Instead of being black on gold, i changed the black for a new 2014 color, a really dark red, i cant remember the name.  I also installed a brake light flasher unit to make myself more visible while stopping.  I’m paranoid about being rear ended again.  Harley Davidson kept my bike for 5 months waiting on parts from Wisconsin.  I’m not sure if they hand carried the parts or had them all delivered by carrier pigeon, but it took 5 months!!!!

This bike really is a blast to ride, It’s a Harley that revs to 9,000 RPM’s and takes off like a missile.  All of my riding buddies ride sportbikes, they joke about the “slow harley”  but they cant get it of their tail in the curves and it chews everything up in the straights.  I really could go on all day about what i like about this bike and why it’s different, but i’d really never shut up.  It’s a perfect match for me, and I’m goin to continue putting miles on it every chance i get!!!

Check out this quick video put together by Jeremy Brynerand support his automotive photography page. HERE

And as always enjoy these photos by SGphoto.

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