March 3, 2024

Team Vibes Swingset LLC 2019

Swingset (58)

Team Vibes 2019 at Shenandoah Speedway is 2 days and nights of nonstop hot lapping action with heavy emphasis on team tandems.  Almost every run has a drift train of 6 cars or more, and matching liveries and themes adds a visual bonus.  Freestyle events such as this one are a sharp contrast to competitive events.  There are always a large variety of chassis, engine swaps an build configurations.  If you go seeking build knowledge, you’ll most likely find 10 different ways to meet a particular goal.  Drivers and teams are easily accessible, and if you hang out long enough, you can catch a ride in almost any car including the 4 seat 600HP Turbo LS Drift Taxi, provided the safety gear is available.


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