March 3, 2024

The Drift Fox is Complete!



Last year we introduced to you a very clean and pristine example of a 1990 Ford Mustang LX “The Fox Body” Mustang. We acquired the beautiful, stock, classic stang with the intention of just retrofitting a “terminator” independent rear suspension to enhance it’s  spirited cruising abilities.  With any old car, this Mustang had some maintenance issues to address, Maintenance led to upgrades, upgrades led to further mods, and before you know it, we ended up with a full blown drift car.  Before you continue reading, Please follow the Drift Fox on Instagram @PFM_Drift_Fox.  the entire build has also been documented as a series on Youtube, check out some of the vids for in depth info on the build.



Last year we left off with a drift practice video, and we pulled the Fox into the garage for a top end rebuild.  The heads/ Cam / and Intake package really woke up the old 302, now that we had the power, we needed to add in a few custom suspension pieces in order to bring the handling up to speed.  It was a huge struggle getting hold of the custom spindles we needed in order to get the Steve Mass Angle kit to work at it’s full potential.  With the Steve Mass kit installed the car sat about 6 inches wider, and the wide body was born.



Once the car had reached partial completion, there was a small incident during a test session with Garage Sideways in which the car received some moderate suspension damage, this sent the car back into the lab where it would reach full blown completion, cage and all.




SRG_2085 SRG_2079 SRG_2040 SRG_2046 SRG_2019 SRG_2006 SRG_2016SRG_2213 SRG_2005 SRG_1898 SRG_1889 fox SRG_1880

So here is the official unveiling of our Drift build.  Full details on the build will come later.  Check back , and follow our social media for the latest updates!

Instagram: @premiumFuelMag and @PFM_Drift_Fox



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