March 4, 2021

The Sixer

The e63 6 series was born during the reign of Chris Bangle, BMW’s most controversial design engineer.  Since it’s debut I’ve had my eye on the big 2 door, and now that i have my hands on one, It’s everything i could have expected.  My only gripe is that i didn’t hold out for a 6 speed manual.  I’ve had to do a few things to liven up the v8 and get the car to actually feel like it has a 4.8 v8 under the hood.  With a few simple bolt-on’s and tuning, this car is somewhere in the 400hp ballpark,  modest by some standards but plenty of power for destroying the highway.  There are a few aesthetic upgrades to set the car apart.  The f12 M6 style bumper really throws people off.  The car has also been conservatively lowered on BC coilovers, just enough to look good and maintain drivability.  There’s no rubbing, scraping or STANCE life here.  Enjoy the eye candy of the 650i in motion.


SRG_1743 SRG_1720 SRG_1710 SRG_1684 full res full res 2 12 11 8 3 1

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