June 30, 2022

Up Close with rare Ferraris


You never know what rarities you’ll see see on a trip to Ferrari of Washington. On this particular trip we hat the pleasure of checking out two very rare modern Ferrari cars, The 599xx race car, and the flagship La Ferrari.


Let’s start with the La Ferrari.  This is the fastest, most powerful, most advanced Ferrari ever produced.  Only 500 examples of this machine were produced


How do you get one? Well, that’s a good question.  First off, you must recieve a special invitation from Ferrari to purchase one.  Ferrari’s selection criteria for being able to purchase one includes having owned the previous flagship supercars: Enzo, F50, and F40.  Once you have been extended this prestigious invitation, you may purchase the car from Ferrari for a cool $1.5 million, but only after signing a contract saying that you cannot sell the car within a certain time period.  Without an exclusive invitation, you have to wait for one second hand.  At the time of this photo shoot, this was the only La Ferrari for sale in North America, check the window sticker below, how’s that for depreciation! Some examples have sold for over $7 million making La Ferrari the most valuable new production car on the market today.


Next up is my personal favorite, the Ferrari 599xx.  The “XX” designates that this model as a prototype race car.  Yes, you can buy an exotic Ferrari race car, however, as always, there is a catch.  You can’t take it home.  The Ferrari 599xx along with the FXX (Enzo) and the FXX-K (LaFerrari), are maintained by Ferrari at their own facilities, however, the owners are welcome to come drive their cars on the track when Ferrari allows them to.  This model was only on display, not for sale, and looking up close, you could see the wear from aggressive track use, at least these cars get driven!

SRG_6989 SRG_7006


Oh, and don’t forget about the F-1 car in the corner…


And a few other rare models like a classic 512


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