October 3, 2022

US Drift Round 4: Dominion Raceway


This past weekend was round 4 of us drift and the conclusion of the series for 2016.  There were some amazing cars to see at this one.  The one who stole the show was the 1100 horse power Turbocharged v10 supra running the 8 liter  V10 engine from a 2nd generation Viper.  Another thing you don’t see every day is a Subaru STI  drift car with a 2jz under the hood.  One thing you will always see at a drift event is that nothing has the motor that it came with. Most other cars are running LS variants or 2jz motors.


Any drivers or team mates looking for photos of your car, If you don’t see it, please E-mail Media@PremiumFuelMag.com .


1100 hp, V10 Turbo Supra from Speed warehouse


The 2j powered Subaru STI drift car


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