March 3, 2024

US Drift series at Shenandoah Raceway

What’s it like riding in a drift car?  Well, there’s a lot you can’t see from the video clip.  First, there’s the noise, Drift cars are gutted, so you hear everything amplified in the hallowed out shell  You hear The turbo chopping through  air, the transmission spinning and whining, the welded diff grinding, the swansong of the rear tires as they break loose, and then there’s the glorious backfires. Outside of the car, a loud backfire can sound like a cannon blast, inside the car it sounds and feels like hitting a medium sized animal at highway speeds.  When the driver throws the car sideways and slides in closer to the opponent, you get to experience drifting with all 5 senses as fresh hot rubber, smoke and trash pours in through the window, you breathe it in, you taste it, and you fight to keep your eyes open as the trash sticks to your eyeballs.  It seems out of control as you’re sliding at i high rate of speed towards the wall and the other car, but the drivers know exactly what’s going on and can drift within inches of obstacles.  It’s truly impressive to see a driver operating at this level of skill.  US Drift is like the SCCA of the drifting world, although there were some minor scrapes and bends from drifting right up against the walls and barriers, there were no major accidents over this weekends event.

s15 Silvia
A real RHD s15 Silvia in it’s native habitat! This is more rare than the coveted Skyline in the United States


This s13 coupe powered by a supercharged Escalade motor was the loudest monster on the track
The s15 Silvia dragging it out on the last corner


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