October 3, 2022

61 series Cadillic Coupe De Ville

In 1961 This Cadillac set the standard for elegance and luxury, it was the best that money could buy. Even today this enormous coupe could hold its own in the modern luxury car arena. Very subtle updates have been made to keep this car sharp, yet still true to what it is. The car sits on an air suspension taken from a GM truck. It needed a truck suspension to support it’s nearly 5000 pound curb weight. The paint is the original color of the car, however, this one was finished in matte for a clean understated look. The leather interior has also been color matched to the exterior paint. The most head turning feature on this car are the 20 inch blank style wheels, with color matched centers. These wheels were custom made from Summitt Racing, notice that they feature original 1961 center caps. The edges of the rim are left polished to a high gloss, and wrapped in low profile white walls to finish the effect.

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