January 22, 2021



You haven’t experienced drag racing until you’ve seen Jet powered dragsters blasting down the quarter mile at over 300mph.  Jet dragsters are probably some of the least common race cars there are, and people don’t know much about them.  Here are a few facts about them:

– Engines come from a supersonic T-5 fighter jet and are fitted with custom made afterburners.

– Each jet car burns about 15 gallons of fuel each run and roughly 50 gallons per event

– Jet cars burn Diesel fuel.  Diesel fuel provides about 10% more power than Jet fuel.

– Jet cars complete the quarter mile in 5 seconds reaching speeds of over 300mph

– Jet cars are very low maintenance, at the end of the season, Daily maintenance includes draining excess fuel at the end of every run and re packing the parachutes.  Seasonal maintenance includes inspecting the rear of the motor, re balancing the tires, and changing the brakes.  No crazy rebuilds after every run!



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