July 20, 2024

Beauty of the Month: Arlissa


SRG_4505 SRG_4450 SRG_4439 SRG_4436 SRG_4433 SRG_4432 SRG_4426 SRG_4418 arlissa and rr can am

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To kick off our first ever Beauty of the Month, we have a great set of photos of Miss Arlissa from Savannah Georgia!

Arlissa is a Criminal Justice student at Savannah State University.  She prefers cars to bikes because bikes are a little on the dangerous side for her.  Her dream car is “any Ford Mustang made after 2000”.  Sorry to the fox body and aero body guys.  Arlissa says she loves to always look her best, and believe it or not this is actually her first photo shoot.  She enjoyed shooting with the bikes because they make sexy pictures.

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