June 23, 2024

Foxbody Straight pipes vs Flowmaster 40 series.


Since the Foxbody was briefly without an exhaust due to the IRS upgrade, I took this opportunity to make a quick comparison.  This 199o Mustang has a stock motor with shorty headers and a catless “H” pipe.  For the “straight pipe” portion of the video, everything is removed after the “H” pipe.  The video clip doesn’t fully capture how raw the open exhaust is.  At full throttle and high RPM’s, it sounds awesome, however at idle and cruising RPM’s it sounds like a half v8, half toilet flushing with the bass turned all the way up.  The dumped pipes will also have your ears ringing by the end of your ride.  You may think there’s no way to make a v8 sound bad, but this will do it.  The Flowmaster 40 quiets things down quite a bit, but it doesn’t take all the fun out of it.  The Flowmaster exhaust still gives plenty of grunt while producing a silky smooth exhaust note and still giving the Foxbody it’s classic sound.

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