March 3, 2024

100 Drifters of December


100 drifter’s of December is the last drift event of the year and one of the largest.  The entire Summit Point Motorsports park opens all of its tracks for valuable legal practice time.  This event attracts pros and amateurs alike.  For just $40 anyone can take their car to the circular skid pad track and practice car control and attempt to drift the circle.  If your skills are a little better, there are 4 other circuits of varying difficulty where drivers can push their limits.  On the paddock you’ll see some awesome JDM rides that are less than legal to own in the United States

If you have a sharp eye, you’ll see some JDM spec imports, some not so legal, some legit. This beautiful r31skyline meets the 20 year import rule and is completly legal for US roads.


You’re more likely to find a Mystichrome Special edition SVT Cobra tucked away under a car cover somewhere. The owner of this particular car swapped out his drag slicks for a pair of drag radials and drifted the skid pad like a pro. This car is to awesome to not be driven.


35 degrees, 100mph, top down, cage up!


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