March 3, 2024

January Beauty of the Month: Devin-Symone


This month’s featured model is not just a beauty, but she has the brains and the Brawn to back it up. How often do you see cover girls with a purple heart from combat?  Devin is also an upcoming Entrepreneur, full time student, full time wife, and full time mom… talk about wearing many hats!  Our hats go off to you Devin, and thank you for your service to this country!


PFM: What made you join the Army

Devin: Honestly to travel I went to so many places during my time in the army it was amazing

PFM: What is the most amazing place you’ve traveled to.

Devin: There are so many, places I’ve been are Korea, Germany, France Austria Philippines. The things that I’ve seen different cultures it was just too amazing to describe.

PFM: So you had a pretty scary situation in combat, what went down?

Devin: Well, i’d tell you, but then i’d have to kill you…

PFM: Yikes… well then how did you transition form being a hard charging Soldier, to video vixen.

Devin: I have always been in the entertainment industry I grew up around it as soon as I got out the army I went hard charging accomplishing things like being published in one of the top men’s magazines Black Men Magazine in 2013

PFM: What’s you secret to keeping your body in such amazing condition.

Devin: I am a fitness coach and I constantly clean eat. My fitness videos and meal plans are coming soon on my website.

PFM: So are you a car or a bike girl?

Devin: I’m more of a car girl I love to race there is an adrenaline rush. Ninjas are very sleek and sporty I love speed. Harley’s are a classic anyone who says they don’t love a Harley have never been on one. Hahaha

PFM: What do you think about the Confederate?

Devin:  loved it we reved it up and the sound was amazing. The color was awesome red and black are my favs and it fit me just right don’t you think?

PFM: What does the future hold for Devin-Symone

Devin: I will soon be releasing my fitness challenge and hopefully launching a dvd. I will be graduating nursing school from Armstrong and hopefully working for a plastic surgery office. I have a business called Hour Glass Me that has flourished and I hope to do a lot more with it. Tune into my IG @iamdevinsymone you don’t want to miss what’s ahead.

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