March 3, 2024

Project Foxbody update.


Summer’s over and it’s time for the red fox to go under the knife.  The pretty chrome wheels are gone since we’re going to the 5 lug and independent rear end setup.  We’ll be installing an independent rear end from a 1999 SVT cobra.  The Independent rear (IRS) setup should help the fox to handle like a dream. To compliment the IRS setup, we have already installed subframe connectors, essential for any Foxbody.  We’ll also be keeping our raceland front end coil over setup for now.  Scroll down for more details and follow our IG for updates @PremiumFuelMag .


Finishing off the old tires from the 4 lug setup.  The front end has already been converted using the 5 lug kit from Late Model Restoration.

The red fox waiting for the awesome shoot with Sarah Shellhorn




The Cobra IRS has a reputation for delivering less than mediocre performance due to the fact that it uses rubber bushings and an explosive aluminum diff cover.  2001-03 IRS setups have an OEM diff brace, however, with this being the older version, we used the Steeda aftermarket diff cover brace.  All 4 rubber subframe bushings have been replaced with polyurethane bushings, as well as the differential bushings.  These would be the most difficult areas to access once installed on the car, so it’s better to knock them out with the IRS outside of the car.  Due to our tiny budget for this build, Control arm bushings and bump steer links will be addressed at a later time.  They should be easily accessible even with the IRS installed.




Having a spare IRS subframe laying around was a huge convenience for test fitting.
out with the old, in with the… not so old.
Don’t believe the hype! While the rumor that the IRS will “Bolt right in” it does not, all of the bolt holes do not line up. The IRS install is simple and straight forward, however, there is minimum fabrication needed. Some videos on the interned show a very complicated way of creating new bolt holes for the IRS mounts, however there are other ways to tackling this problem. For this build, we will be utilizing the existing bolt locations and cutting a small relief in the mount to accommodate the non matching bolt hole. then the entire bracket will be welded in place permanently for a solid hold.  You’ll also need an SN95 e-brake cable, due to the IRS being slightly wider, the Fox cables won’t work.



The IRS mount bracket stripped and ready for welding.


This photo was found on the internet. You can see where material was added to the IRS bracket and a new hole will be created above the old hole to allow the IRS bracket to be bolted into place like OEM. Both of the above solutions are much easier than modifying the frame of the car.


untitled_panorama1 untitled_panoramta1

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