March 3, 2024

Klutch Kickers Round 3


Klutch Kickers is a new competition drift series that is making big waves within the drift community.  The normal hierarchy of drift consists of Grass roots/ Freestyle , Pro am, Formula drift (FD) Pro 2, and FD Pro 1, in that order.  Starting with grass roots and freestyle, you’ll find mostly garage built cars many with stock engines, basic drift modifications,  and used tires scavenged from wherever they can be found.  Each level gets progressively more involved and more expensive up to Pro 1 where every car is capable of making over a thousand horsepower, drivers can pull of skids reaching 100 mph and a season of drifting can cost $200,000 or more and require a full team to accomplish!  Pro Am competitions often offer the winners a license to compete in Pro 2 where they will then gave a chance to win their way into the Pro 1 league.

Klutch Kickers has introduced a new dynamic to competition drifting,  Anyone can enter, as long as their car meets basic safety requirements, Large cash prizes are offered with the first place winner taking home a $10,000 check. This competition attracts members of the Grass roots community, FD Pro1, community, and everything in between.  How can a low budget Freestyle driver possibly compete when full blown FD teams are showing up?  The track is the great equalizer.  Emerald Coast Dragway is a small tight course that requires drivers tap into their technical skills.  High powered cars don’t have enough room to reach high speeds, meaning much slower cars are able to keep up and remain competitive.

It’s great to see a new dimension of competition in the drift community, especially one that gives low budget drivers a chance for exposure and a chance to face off against some of the pros they see on TV.


Taylor Hull and Dirk Stratton were 2 of the Pro 1 Professional FD drivers in attendance with their competition FD cars.

Taylor Hull Formula Drift Cadillac ATS-V


Dirk Stratton Formula Drift C6 Corvette


One of the most unique builds in seen was an s14 Nissan 240sx with a BMW v12 and turbo! Unfortunately mechanical issues took this car out of the fight.

The best looking cars in competition was an e30 BMW e series with an RB26 engine.

SRG_8508 SRG_8507


YouTube Famous Drivers in attendance included Micah Diaz, Adam “LZ”, and Taylor Ray

Micah Diaz Drift HQ e36


Adam LZ Vs Taylor Klutch kickers Round 3


Congrats to the 1st place winner  Johnathan Nerren (@jonathannerren)




…. and some awesome pix




Klutch Kickers Round 3 2020
Klutch Kickers Round 3 2020
Klutch Kickers Round 3 2020 Thomas Miata
Klutch Kickers Round 3 2020
Klutch Kickers Round 3 2020
Klutch Kickers Round 3 2020

Thanks to the Klutch Kickers team for innovating Drift and putting on a great event series.


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