July 20, 2024

MDIR World Cup Finals



The World Cup Finals, better known as “Imports Vs. Domestics” took place over the weekend at MDIR.  This is event can be pretty exciting you can catch a few of the races in between break downs, clean up, and track prep.  When you take a car that was meant to transport poor college students to and from class, and you decide to pump it full of  turbo and roids, things are going to fail often.  This year, all competitors were required to gave their cars fitted with a “Diaper” pan.  These pans cover the bottom of the motor and transmission so that when they inevitably blow up, they won’t blow their parts and fluids all over the track.  Requiring the diaper pan has caused a significant improvement in clean up times than what it has been in prior years.  Even with the improved cleanup it can be pretty boring during breakdowns, however, there are some great distractions. The car show always hosts a wide variety of amazing cars and trucks, and the Bikini contest is always the best part of MDIR signature events.


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