April 23, 2021

Track Day at Roebling Road Raceway

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Frank Kinsey Racing school hosts track days ar Roebling Rd Raceway in Pooler Georgia.  Riders can sign up for the racing school programs and earn various classes of racing licenses, taught by skilled instructors, or they can ride all out and attack the course to try and beat the 1 minute, 14 second tracl record on this 2.1 mile, 9 turn course.  Roebling Road is located in an unsuspecting, low profile position, smack in the middle of a back woods neighborhood.  This track ,however, isn’t just your average local racetrack, it’s actually one of the fastest speedways on the east coast and riders come from thousands of miles away to run track days.  Motorcycles can hit speeds of over 160mph on the long straight away before dropping down two gears and dragging a knee all the way through turn 1.  It’s amazing to see these bikes flying past at near top speed, the Yamaha R-1 is especially impressive to hear with it’s cross-plane crankshaft.  “It sounds like a NASCAR” said one of the riders.  Other impressive machines included the Ducati Panigale in full race fairings, and a couple of BMW S1000rr’s in their natural habitat.

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