April 13, 2024

Corvette Track rental at MDIR


Track rentals are the best time to see some crazy real street builds running hard.  These are the types of cars that lurk in the shadows and dominate underground street racing, and unless you know where to find them at 1am on the weekends, you’ll never see them outside of Youtube.  Most of these mild looking builds were making between 800 and 1000 horsepower.  One of the craziest builds was a 6 speed manual c6 making 1300 hp.  After abandoning it’s first pass, spinning the rear wheels past 140mph, it snapped the transmission in half on the next run.  Throughout the entire course of the day, only one breakdown caused the track to shutdown for cleanup.  Track rental days usually see much less catastrophic break downs resulting in track cleanups.  That means more racing!

1300hp c6 z06 6 speed manual transmission

srg_6038 srg_6154

srg_6005 srg_6081 srg_6076  srg_5978 srg_6003 srg_6054 srg_5938 srg_6131

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