June 30, 2022

Transforged Racing Custom front splitter


With the custom front bumper on the 650i, It’s very difficult to find simple parts like front lips or splitters.  We came up with a design and submitted it to Transforged Racing to put our design into production.  Transforged racing can produce any custom carbon fiber areo you can imagine.  Check out their custom parts for the Lotus exige.

Since the 650i is frequently driven, and not a dedicated show car trailer, we didn’t want this piece made of exotic materials.  It would be pretty heartbreaking (and wallet breaking) to see this piece split in half or damaged by a pot hole or other road hazard .  Although Transforged racing could have produced this splitter out of carbon fiber, it was much more practical and within our budget to produce it using composite materials more commonly found on club type race cars.  That way if it was damaged badly, it could be easily replaced.  In real racing front splitters are considered disposable parts due to the abuse they take during use.



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