February 1, 2023

December Beauty of the Month: Alexa (part 1)



This month’s beauty is Alexa.  Born and raised in Norfolk Virginia, Alexa has an exotic ethnic mix or Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino.  She’s a chef, a car enthusiast, and she will probably make you cry if you ever cross her in Call of duty or Halo:

PFM: So video games is your thing?
Alexa: Yes!
PFM: Racing or 1st person shooters?
Alexa: First person shooter of course!!! Mostly halo and cod
PFM: Boo, no love for Forza and NFS huh?
Alexa: Forza yes! The graphics are amazing! I love how you could upload past cars you’ve created the newest game.
What other things keep you occupied?
Alexa: Cooking, taking care of my kids(dogs) and modeling
I need more hobbies.
PFM: So you modeled with your FR-S, those pipes don’t exactly look stock…
Alexa:  Haha of course not! I can’t exactly get a turbo kit, It’s 6,000 dollars!
The exhaust was a birthday and Christmas gift
PFM: What mods do you have so far, and what do you plan on doing to it?
Alexa: GReddy exhaust, HID LIGHTS, and I want a GReddy turbo kit, and a inspect body kit
PFM: Then you can smoke the tires off it and go drifting right?
Alexa: Ha, I would never want to put her at risk of any exterior damage, just look pretty but yet be known that she is a force to be reckoned with.
PFM: That makes sense, and your most favorite dream car of all time is?
Alexa: Skyline r34, Mmm. Just saying it gives me chills.
PFM: Well thanks so much for shooting with us, see you again soon?
Alexa: Yes sir! Can’t wait!
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