February 27, 2021

41 Willys Coupe

At first glance, this 41 willies coupe might look like your average Sunday driver, restored hot rod.  If  you look a little closer and notice there’s a pretty fat tire shoved up under the rear, and then as you walk around to the back, you see the full glory of the 17inch wide Mickey Thompson Sportsman tires, the widest street legal tire on the market.  Pop the trunk and sitting next to the battery is the largest bottle of NOS you’ve ever seen.  This hot rod really does mean business.  Under the hood, the engine bay is clean enough to perform surgery in.  Installed in the engine bay is a chromed out Chevy 350 crate motor.  How much power does it make?  “Ah only about 375hp”… PAUSE!!!! Let’s put that into perspective.  The lotus Elise weighs about 100 lbs less than the Willys and makes a little more than Half the power, and it’s a pretty darn quick machine.  Let that just sink in for a second.  With the Willy’s low geared 4 speed, you’d probably soil your pants if you didn’t kill yourself trying to redline this red beast.  Thanks again mr Gary Fiore for letting Premium Fuel Mag check out one of your awesome hot rods.

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