March 4, 2021

Savannah Speed Classic 2013



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The Savannah Speed Classic is an amazing automotive event that takes place once a year at the Hutchenson Island Race Track, just across the river from downtown Savannah Georgia.  The Speed classic is a 4 day long event centered around racing real vintage race cars.  You will see race cars from the 20’s, in top condition, actually racing and competing to win.  It’s great to see a car that’s close to a hundred years old, still out there on the track doing what it was made for, rather than collecting dust in a museum or a barn.  You will see plenty of classic exotics from every era, all the way up to the newest GT level race cars.  There’s even a class for racing retired NASCAR’s on the road course.  Car manufactures also bring out a few cars to show during the event.  Jaguar brought the high end Jaguar XKR-S GT, witch is the only one in the US at this time, BMW brought a few historic race cars, including a BMW 2002 sharing an engine with the McLaren F-1 race car.  BMW, Porsche, and Jaguar were also giving rides around the track in the GT-2 race cars, 911’s, M3’s, and the new Jaguar F-type.  These rides weren’t exactly your typical track tours either.  Every round, the Porsches came back with their brakes on fire!

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