October 3, 2022

2016 Timonium Motorcycle Show

This past weekend, the Timonium Motorcycle show took place.  Washington DC did not host the annual International show this year, this show was a great alternative.   Despite being about 7 degrees and windy outside, tons of custom bike builders brought their machines to display.  Several manufacturers also brought their latest 2016 models out to see and touch.


If you haven’t seen the updated CanAm yet, the new look is very aggressive and exotic.




Ducati recently unveiled it’s xDiavel.  At first glance, the chopped exhaust tips and updated rear wheel lead you to believe that it’s a sportier model.  In contrast to it’s more aggressive styling, the xDiavel is truly the cruiser that the original Diavel was meant to be.  Despite it’s larger motor, it is tuned to have a broader torque curve, and smoother power band, this bike shares it’s motor with Ducati’s big tourer, the Multistrada.  The xDiavel also features true forward controls for an extremely relaxed riding position.  Mid controls are not currently offered on the xDiavel, but it’s only a matter of time before aftermarket manufacturers produce them, and it will be an easy modification seeing as how the old mid control slots still exist on this bike.  Side by side comparison also shows that the body work is different on both models.



The craziest machine in show is the 150mph v-twin powered StreetLuge.  The motor is a 1200cc Harley Davisdon Evo motor, it’s attaches to a custom luge chassis and has NO STEERING! just lay down, hold on, and throttle up!

SRG_5807 SRG_5819

The best custom in show goes to this 300 themed Hayabusa.  This build took over 2 years to complete.  Attention to detail is everything on this build!  Aside from the amazing airbrush work of the 300 characters, the bike also features 3d hand made armor on the front and rear fairings.  Check the gallery below for more detailed photos.

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